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  Tianchang Kanghong Oil Pipe Co., Ltd. has nearly 30 years of professional experience in seamless steel pipe production. The company is located in the pearl of eastern Anhui and the top 100 counties in China-Tianchang City, Anhui Province, covering an area of 240000m2. The company has 1 hot expansion line, 3 cold rolling lines and 36 cold drawing lines, with an annual output of 450000 tons of seamless steel pipe.
 The acid-resistant pipelines, ultra-low temperature pipes, high-strength structural pipes and corrosion-resistant special pipes jointly developed by the company and steel mills have been highly recognized by customers and have 32 patented inventions. The products are widely used in petrochemical, boiler, heat exchanger, shipping, automotive machinery manufacturing and other industries……
30 Years
Professional production
450000 tons
Annual capacity
30 Meters long
Cold drawn tube
116 Species
Special material
32 Kinds
Patented invention
3 Tons
Minimum quantity
Boiler & exchanger tube
Auto&mechanical tube
Precision&stainless tube
LT&corrosion resistant pipe
Marine&expansion pipe
Tubing & Casing
Gas cylinder pipe
Deep processing pipe

At the beginning of December, the good news came from the office of the Leading Group of the National High-tech Enterprise Identification and Management that Kanghong was identified as a "high-tech...
In the middle of July, KANGHONG received a purchasing demand from an air pre-heater manufacturer, who was in urgent need of a batch of seamless tubes for American standard A423 Gr.3 air pre-heater ...
In August, Kanghong won the purchase order from the Iraqi government. Considering the local working conditions of the project containing hydrogen sulfide, our technical department reached the techn...
   Compared with other transmission modes, hydraulic transmission has the advantages of frequent start and speed change, large output torque, low linear speed and rotational speed, small volume an...
Fire behavior broke out in the ethylene glycol plant area of a petrochemical project in mid-June. On June 20th, our company received an order for heat exchange tubes from relevant equipment manufac...
Recently, we successfully delivered one batch of boiler tubes from a large Russia boiler equipment manufacturer with the products’ standard of GOST8734.From the end user’s initial audit and evaluat...
Rare Earth is the general name of seventeen metal elements including lanthanide, scandium and yttrium in the chemical periodic table whose reserves are rare, non-renewable, and it is difficult to s...
With the spread of COVID-19 across the world, it has become increasingly difficult to conduct on-site audit and supervision under the current epidemic prevention and control policies, which has bro...
At the beginning of the New Year, we received good news from the Russian authorized agency that our company has passed the GOST-R product audit and the quality system audit. This is another Russian...
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